Top 10 Artificial intelligence Technologies

Gil Press – a regular contributor for Forbes on technology, entrepreneurs and innovation writes about how the market for artificial intelligence technologies is flourishing and the top ten artificial intelligence technologies we will witness making a splash in the market. Quoting figures from various market research agencies, Gil Press starts off by showing how artificial […]

On GPUs (Graphical Processing Units)

We are excited to share an article by Eric Mizell in RT – a web magazine dedicated to the advances in real time analysis, IOT and Big Data. Writing about how recent advances in input/output devices has pushed performance bottleneck to processing, he writes how the advent of a new technology – Graphical Processing […]

Text Mining for Claims Management in Insurance

Writing in the Claims Journal, a magazine dedicated to the claims industry, Judith Vaughan and Michael .W. Elliott, experts in claims and risk management, writes how text analytics is helping claims industry in claim processing, fraud detection and in increasing efficiency in claims process. The authors quotes a report from Accenture which compares the revolution […]

Technology Trends for 2017

Kasey Panetta, Brand Content Manager for Gartner gives us a first glimpse of the technology landscape in the year 2017. While writing in a blog he expands on the theme of the technology trends expounded by David Cearley, VP and Gartner Fellow in Gartner Symposium/IT Expo 2016, Orlando Florida. While writing on the technologies trends […]

The All Pervasive Cloud

Joe McKendrick – an individual contributor for the Tech Blog of Forbes magazine writing in his latest blog quotes Cisco estimates to tell how cloud computing is becoming all pervasive technology in the coming years. He deploys significant figures from the Cisco estimates estimate to establish this, like with cloud traffic increasing 3.9 zettabytes ( […]

The Public Cloud – A Two Horse Race

Amazon Web Services – AWS, the public cloud pioneer with its first mover advantage is safely perched on top of the heap with 31% of the market share (this is for Q4 of 2015 for which numbers are publicly available). But going by the way Microsoft with its Azure is notching up numbers, the race between AWS and […]

MILK – A New Language for Memory Management

It was always known that memory management was a challenge in the traditional systems where a few data points are in the play slowing down the process; this challenge becomes insurmountable when one deals with Big Data. MIT has recently announced a new programming language – MILK, which increases the speed of the common algorithms by 4x. This […]

Container versus Virtual Machines – Few Basic Differences

Container technology is making rapid strides with some recent reports putting the adoption rate as high as 5x times in one year. But surprisingly not many are aware of Container technology and how exactly it is different from virtual machines. In the last decade, due to the rapid advancement in server technology the bare metal applications i.e. applications […]

Who moved my Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are making a silent march onto users mobile with space constricting for native mobile apps. Even with a worldwide download of 102,062m apps in 2016, is mobile web making a comeback? Probably yes, if you believe this story by BI Intelligence Apps and Platforms briefing. Surprisingly, the foremost reason given by users for […]

10 years of Amazon Web Services, lessons learnt so far.

Writing on the occasion of Amazon web services completing 10 years this March, Werner Vogels, CTO of, shared few important lessons Amazon learnt on its way to build a secure, scalable and reliable services. Amazon Web Services, a cloud services platform which today is the foundation of IT infrastructure of majority of business, be it a startup, […]