Enterprise Mobility, key to your business strategy.

By | March 27, 2017

Tony Storr, an Architect and Leader, IBM Mobile at Scale, writing in Mobile Business Insights talks about the necessary factors a C-suite  executive should focus on if enterprise mobility has to play a key role in their business strategy.

Tony Storr starts off how enterprises in their anxiety to get on the mobility bandwagon encouraged various business units to follow their own roadmap and even though it felt empowering at that time led to some serious issues over time. These issues like varying standards, system fragmentation, security implications and provider volatility resulted in uneven user experience. But, the real business issue was when it was time for digital transformation, these issues being key factors effecting pace of change, posed serious challenges, especially as speed to market was crucial. This scenario is widespread irrespective of the industry and geography.

The challenge for the enterprises is to consolidate and industrialize the mobile applications without encroaching upon the innovation aspect brought in by the business unit. This entails much more than having a single vendor or internal team churning out applications in a consistent manner. Enterprises embarking upon consolidation should not forget that consolidation need to happen holistically and continuously across portfolios of apps and also across mobile app services (design, develop, maintain, support and monitor).

The key characteristics of effective mobile services are, continuous operation, increasing assets and accelerators, increasing productivity, cross app design and architecture, integrated support functions and innovative tooling and techniques.

In conclusion, Tony Storr writes that consolidation and refactoring of all existing applications may not be advisable and suggests this may start with the next generation of employee apps and enterprise mobility may well take off from there.

To know more, click – http://mobilebusinessinsights.com/2017/03/get-serious-with-enterprise-mobility/

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