2016, Big Year for Big Data

By | March 1, 2017

Writing recently in insideBigData, Linda Gimmeson, a technical writer focusing on Big Data, machine learning and IoT, takes a look back on the year 2016, and tells how Big Data contributed technologically and socially, she then sets out to make a list of six disciplines which has benefited by the application of Big Data.

AI advancement – Big Data is advancing the speed and capacity of Artificial Intelligence and taking it to the next level, for example  Google DeepMind AI beating humans in the game of Go, and becomes unbeatable as the game progresses due to AI and the Big Data applied to its functioning.

Tax Shelters Unveiled – Investigative journalists collaborating across continents and using cloud based data analytics and Big Data were able to pursue effectively and unveil tax shelters now famously known as “Panama papers”.  This is one of the first known instance of the real-world good, Big Data can contribute to bring about.

Human Trafficking – Big Data is lending its helping hand to “Polaris Project” in its fight against human trafficking, even though Polaris project has made tremendous progress over the years  in their fight, Big Data became their strongest tool in the year 2016 to decipher the complex numbers and patterns to give useful insights and help victims of this  horrific crime.

Cancer Research – Intel’s Bryce Olson , himself a cancer survivor lead, Trusted Analytics platform is “ a collection of Big Data tools and data analytics, to help in breaking down of DNA – the complex code of human genetics to give insights into where cancer begins and how it can be controlled”.

HIV Outbreaks – When Centre of Disease Control were struggling to contain the HIV outbreak in 2016, which was taking extensive death toll and seriously damaging the health of survivors, they turned to Big Data for insights to fight the outbreak.

In 2016 we were witness to the fact that Big data in addition to its applications in optimizing business efficiency and effectiveness can also be deployed to harness real- world good, and we are sure to see more such deployments in the coming years.

For more on this, please read: http://insidebigdata.com/2017/02/26/2016-big-year-big-data/

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