Today, the hallmark of a sucessesful enterprises is its ability to exploit all resources at its command, data being one of the most important resources, enterprises today expend lot of energy on collecting, storing and analysizing this data. Since 80% of the data is unstructured, (mostly textual, as in emails, social media postings/comments, customer feedback...) they need to inverst in techniques and process which make sense of this textual data for deeper and better insights into customer behaviour and emerging market trends.

Browse Info Solutions has built expertise in Text Analytics solutions and help enterprises to glean useful information from unstructured data and blend with structured data to give better insights on emergings trends and customer buying patterns. And with advanced visualization and analytical capabilities of Spot-Fire and Attivio tool sets, Browse Info Solutions offers intelligence in root-cause analysis and predictive analyticals.

Content Analysis Services

We help enterprises extract information from unstructured data which almost comprise 80% of the data collected through chat, blogs, customer feedback and emails. We extend this service by blending unstructured and structured data to get deeper and better insights from visualization and analytical tools and techniques.

Predictive Analysis Services

We ensure companies have robust decision making support system based on past data, rather than on intuition. We help them anticipate emerging trends, developing market scenarios and stay on-top of the market at all times.

Industry Solutions

Banking and Financial Services

Fraud Analysis, Risk and Compliance Manangement, Asset and Portfolio management by Prescriptive Analytics, Content Analytics, Fast Data (Real-Time) Analytics, Location Analytics


Increase production by deploying Rapid Root-Cause Analysis for quality and reliability issues.


Discover market trends, discern customer behaviour patterns to help better cuatomer engagement using predictive and presriptive analysis.


Analyse customer demand forecast using data visualizations and analytics with first rate reporting.

 Analytics and Attivio can be the perfect platform for your Sentiment Analytics solution.