Enterprises today embrace data driven initiatives in their quest for competitive advantage. This has been made possible by huge strides achieved in Big Data and related technologies. Enterprises today prefer to bank on the data they collect to furnish intelligence and assist in decision making rather than on intuition or experience. With dynamics of cloud computing coming into play, Big Data has become accessible to lot more companies ensuring data leads to actionable information.

Browse Info Solutions’ Big Data services offers enterprises the facility to manage three main facets of data namely Velocity, Variety and Volume. These services ensure data becomes mainstay of the enterprises decision making process and help create new business opportunities while maximizing profits.

Here are some of the Big Data services we offer,

  • Big Data Consulting - We transform disparate information into valuable insights, our consultants help companies build IT infrastucture to implement Big Data technologies.
  • Migration to a Big Data platform - We offer expertise in Hadoop, its databases & utilities and columnar databases, we help migrate your existing technology platform to a Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Analytics on Unstructured Data - We collect unstructured data from wide variety of data sources (found in databases, individual files (.txt, .xml, .doc, .xls) and prepare it for analysis.
  • Integration of Structured and Unstructured Data - We integrate, join and correlate all enterprise information within its universal index, providing vital information insights and agility.            
  • Advanced Analytics Solutions - We discover patterns and trends in structured and unstructured data, and use this insight to predict the outcomes of future events and interactions.

Why Browse Info Solutions,

  • Our consultants come from Big Four consulting firms and systems integrators and cross trained and certified Big Data consultants
  • We offer expertise in a variety of technologies associated with Big Data, from Column-oriented databases, Schema-less databases, or NoSQL databases, MapReduce to Hadoop, Cloudera, Hive...
  • Offer right mix of onsite and offshore models to deliver large-scale cost effective solutions.