Big Data: Separating Hype from Reality.

By | April 28, 2017

Brett MacLaren – Vice president, Enterprise analytics of Sharp HealthCare writing in CIOReview documents the complexities involved in the adaption of Big Data in his attempt to separate the hype from reality   created among with executive boardrooms. As according to Brett MacLaren  data  has enormous business value and helps enterprises embark on the digital transformation of their enterprises.

As Brett MacLaren puts it, this journey from analog processes and workflows to digital domain starts quite simply with enterprises using the data created in all its attributes to derive business advantage leading to data- driven decision making and this adaption is successful in a few limited and much published cases where the companies are digital from the start helped by massive investments in enabling technologies and human resources adept in leveraging them.

The challenge for most other enterprises is not only to invest in tools and hardware which vendors claim to be proficient in  ROI but to get people who can leverage these tools and deliver value, and most critically this should happen when the enterprise is focused  the meeting the existing business demands. The compulsion to juggle these two crucial activities becomes too demanding for many of the enterprises. And to realize the promise of Big Data enterprises should work on solutions involving several critical components some technological along with one critical aspect – corporate culture.

When it comes to addressing the role of corporate culture in harnessing the benefits of Big Data, Brett MacLaren suggests creation of a high profile leadership position to lead the enterprises thrust to data reorganization. The mandate for this leadership which many enterprises designate as Chief data Officer is to drive home the business value of data and be the pivotal point between business and IT and helping both to recognize the strategic role of data.

Enterprises hoping to realize the benefits of Big Data must spread the culture of data awareness and data competency across enterprise. Big Data and other related tools and technologies are clearly cutting edge and are kind of starting points for adaption of machine learning, deep learning and other parallel processes that can deliver tremendous value to enterprises by bringing the data to the point of decision making.

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