Consumers tell-all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Some of the most successful brands/companies hear to this feedback and engage them to keep the customers coming back, welcome to the world of Text analytics.

When it comes to product feedback, customers trust social media more than anything else. With all that content added to Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin and other social media sites, trying to hear what customers are talking about a product is like picking a "needle in the haystack". Browseinfo's Text analytics solutions does precisely that. We use Spotfire Visualization to read and analyze unstructured product reviews from customers. We use Attivio to collect the consumer sentiment data and collate data into a final Analytic report on keywords describing components, features.

Spotfire Text Analytics has the ability to analyze and extract keywords and sentiments from user reviews and makes the results available in the form of visualizations. This resulting content can be managed fully within Attivio processing engine.

Some of the benefits offered by Browse Info' Text analysis solution,

  • Convert huge unstructured information into actionable insights to determine purchase behaviour or identify product issues.
  • Understand customer sentiments, improve customer service and customer experience management leading to improved customer retention.
  • Increase customer satisfaction, improve products and services, develop cross-sell/upsell strategies.
  • We offer specific services for the following industries,
    • Churn Analysis for Broadband Providers
    • Fraud Analysis for banks
    Why Browse Info Solutions,
  • Team of trained Data experts, whether it is raw data, Excel spreadsheets or presentation-style graphs and charts our experts can offer it all. Help companies save time, money and manpower
  • Experts in sentiment and text analytics employing tools like Spotfire and Attivio processing engine can analyze  data quickly and accurately.