BIS is at the forefront of a new generation of information technology services companies focused on value, speed of delivery and high-performance technology solutions. We combine people, business process and advanced technology in a comprehensive set of IT services.

Our database management team is comprised of seasoned professionals who possess the business background, project management experience and technology expertise to deliver business-critical technology solutions. These solutions include a variety of platforms, devices and networks, including integration with legacy systems, development of business applications and web-based functionality.

Working with BIS

When you work with us, you’ll also have access to BIS’s Professional Services group. In addition to database experts, the Professional Services group includes specialists in the areas of Business Intelligence, E-Business, Portal, Interactive Services & Branding Consulting Services and CRM.

BIS’s database services can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Our knowledgeable staff of database experts is available for long-term or short-term assignments to meet your database needs.


Our Database Management Services include:

  • Remote Managed DBA Service
    BIS’s affordable remote DBA managed service, Virtual-DBA, provides around-the-clock, multi-platform support. This service is designed specifically to meet the complex database administration, maintenance, monitoring, management, development, support and consulting needs of clients using Informix, IBM DB2 LUW, MySQL, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Health Checks and Performance Tuning
    The BIS Configuration and Performance Review (CPR) is an audit of your database systems that measures performance, health, reliability and a variety of other items, depending upon your specific business needs. The CPR can cover best practices in security, overall configuration, performance tuning, query tuning, backup/recovery, high availability, migrations, upgrades and other key database checks and balances, while focusing on specific problems, plans, or concerns. The analysis can be performed remotely or on site.

    Following the review, BIS’s database experts will deliver a written report detailing any concerns that were uncovered during the analysis—as well as our recommendations for performance improvement and issue resolution. Whether your system’s main role is online transactional processing (OLTP), decision support system (DSS) or a hybrid, the review will focus on what is important to you and your business. Reviews are read-only; we will make no changes to your environment without your approval.

    Ultimately, our recommendations aim to leverage the database environment to its fullest potential while providing the utmost in operation stability. The report will have clearly defined priorities based on the results of the analysis, and will be followed up with a conference call to discuss the findings with the BIS team. We are also available to assist with the implementation of the report’s recommendations.

  • Consolidation and Virtualization
    BIS’s DBAs have the experience to help you finally take the leap and move your database servers into a virtualized or cloud environment to save on operating expenses?

    Perhaps you have SQL Server databases scattered about your enterprise and you want to consolidate them all into one virtual environment to reduce hardware and management costs? BIS can help you realize the cost savings relevant to your business by assisting you with the move in either direction. The goal is to size things properly by understanding how the current environments are used and how you plan to grow them over time. Our engineers can work with you through all phases of the process from planning, implementation and then support you moving forward.

    Like a Virtual Machine, BIS is Also a Smart Business Choice

    because Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining productivity. That’s why many businesses are turning to BIS’s team of DBAs to meet the day-to-day challenges of availability, performance and administration of critical business information systems. Our DBAs understand how to work with databases on physical hardware or in the cloud and virtualized environments.

    Virtualization allows IT departments achieve the following:

    • Reduce the costs of power and cooling
    • Reduce hardware utilization
    • Provide high availability and security
    • Improve assets utilization

  • Professional Services

    Our core focus is around the platforms supported by our Virtual-DBA Remote Database Administration Service for IBM DB2 LUW, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle. The same DBAs that provide expert support to our service level clients are available to assist you with your DBA service needs. Our services are designed specifically to meet the database administration, maintenance, monitoring, management, development, support and consulting needs of our clients.

    We offer support for the following databases:

    • IBM DB2 LUW
    • IBM Informix
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • MySQL


Our DBAs have had professional reference and criminal background checks (CBC) performed which BIS can provide a client, upon request. BIS employees have background checks performed upon hire and then every three years. Some clients require drug screening and we can work with you to understand all your requirements. Our professional and managed service teams work under your business procedures and policies following your rules.

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