Cloud computing impacts business positively by managing growth with assured scalability, increases efficiency by improving workflow and collaboration, offers improved customer experience with increased mobility.

On the technology side, cloud computing improves agility with always-on availability, immediate and frequent upgrades. Reduces cost by reducing cost on servers, software and IT staffing.

Among the public cloud vendors, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has been one of the most robust platform since its launch in 2006. With over 40% of the market share, AWS offers the largest range of services from computing, storage, database, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, security to enterprise applications. AWS makes available to its users, some of the latest technologies like the IoT and serverless computing.

Here are some of the services we offer on AWS,

  • Consulting - Our engineers can guide you through the entire process of AWS adoption. From account management, building infrastructure, securing, deploying applications, we provide tremendous expertise, flexibility and cost saving to the company.
  • Migration - We can assist you through the entire process of migration from Migration Preparation, Business Planning, Portfolio Discovery & Planning to actual Migration & Validation.
  • Security - AWS offers a shared security responsibilty model, wherein Amazon secure the environment and the user secures the access, hence it is imperative to develop a security maturity model that meets both security and compliance while ensuring they are scalable for future needs.
  • Big Data & Analytics - AWS is ideal to build, secure and deploy big data applications. Our experts can help you throughout the process, our engineers have built expertise in set of tools used to Ingest, Store, Process and Visualize data.
  • DevOps - We are well versed with AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild and CloudDeploy, hence assist in securing the source code and further develop, test and deploy the application onto AWS or on-premise environment.

Why Browse Info Solutions,

  • Our consultants have demonstrated expertise in AWS implementation, coming from Big Four consulting and SI firms, they have hands-on experience in architecting, developing, migrating, securing and deploying apps onto cloud infrastructure.
  • AWS products and services are constantly evolving, our team of experts are ontop these innovations to provide you the best in performance, security and cost.
  • Industry experience, having successfully implemented AWS for Government, Healthcare, Pharma, Retail and Power verticals.