You need to manage your growing set of enterprise services and deploy them securely and scalably for consumption by on-premise and cloud clients to maximize reuse and enterprise agility. Turn to BIS SOA, ESB and Cloud development services when you need the job done right — the first time.

BIS offers innovative and proven solutions and professional services to manage your strategic migration to a Service Oriented Architecture across the enterprise. Whether your goals call for on-premise deployment, cloud deployment, or a hybrid approach, BIS can get you there more quickly while avoiding missteps along the way.

Architectural Strategy and Design

A scalable, flexible, and performant system can only be built on a correctly designed and constructed architecture. At BIS, we understand that recent IT history is littered with failed projects with grandiose visions. We have learned that the key to success is to demonstrate quick wins while also building a powerful architecture that can grow to accommodate more pieces of the Enterprise as it makes sense to do so. “Succeed fast and often” is our recipe for successful engagements.

  • Understand your current business and IT systems.
  • Understand where your near term goals fit with your big picture goals.
  • Make a 5 year plan for service loads, future integration points, and contingency strategies.
  • Define the tactical and strategic objectives of your SOA/ESB Initiative.
  • Take inventory of current service deployments.
  • Design clustering, aggregation, federation, and high-availability based on our experience and best practices.
  • Functionally decompose legacy systems into component services.
  • Specify level of granularity of required services.
  • Define metrics and success criteria.
  • Think Big but Start Small: Define a phase I quick win plan.

Services and Integration Development

Building on the vision defined in the design phase, we break down the deliverables into a set of daily tasks across all developers. We follow state of the art agile development principles to create a great system in the least amount of time, while maintaining unequivocal communication among all stakeholders.

  • Use Agile methods to involve business and technical stakeholders early and often.
  • Create a unified BIS and Client team.
  • Build external system integration points leveraging out of the box connectors where possible.
  • Report daily progress through the use of Scrum.
  • Maintain the system in a state that is always demonstrable and ready for review.
  • Promote a unified vision and understanding through a functional continually improving system.


We supplement multiple best of breed open source SOA integration technologies and platforms including Mule ESB, and Apache ServiceMix, to name a few.