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Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, how are they different?

Many Business Intelligence marketers have been moving onto the term “Business Analytics” but users are confused what exactly is Business Analytics and how does it differ from Business Intelligence. My search took me to this blog by Justin Heinze, “Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics: What’s The Difference?” out of the seven expert definitions, I liked […]

Are BI Dashboards only for Big Business?

Like me, have you always thought, to have any meaningful business intelligence dashboard your company should be moderately big (in terms of data generation)? Here is an article which argues for BI dashboards for small business, pretty effectively. “Why Small Businesses Need A Business Intelligence Dashboard” (link - The article goes on to say […]

Big Data Infographics that you would like

Information graphics or infographics represents Data/Information in a visual form that helps in processing that infomation quickly and clearly however complex the data may be. Two such Big Data infographics that caught my eye while I was going through this article – “Top Big Data Infographics From The Past Year” ( are here below. The […]

FastWorks Friday: Getting smarter about testable hypotheses and experiments

Do you struggle with coming up with good Leap-of-Faith Assumptions (LOFAs) when applying FastWorks? That is, do you have a hard time articulating the testable hypothesis (a statement proposing some relationship between two or more variables that can be tested) ? The best article I’ve seen on the topic really helped me some time back. […]

Clearly Defining Data Virtualization, Data Federation, and Data Integration

More and more often the terms data virtualization, data federation, and data integration are used. Unfortunately, these terms have never been defined properly.Let’s see if, together, we can come up with generally accepted definitions. Data Virtualization Data virtualization is the process of offering data consumers a data access interface that hides the technical aspects of […]

Pivotal Open Sources key parts of its Big Data Suite

Pivotal announced today that it was moving three core pieces of its Big Data Suite to open source, while continuing to offer advanced features and support in a commercial version. The three components moving to open source are GemFire, the platform’s in-Memory NoSQL Database, the enterprise SQL on Hadoop component, HAWQ and the suite’s massively […]

Decoding Hadoop – What is so Big about Big Data ?

Everyday day around 2.5 Quintillion (10 followed by 18 Zeros) bytes of data is created, and most of the data has been created in the past 2 years!!!!. Most of the data available today is unstructured providing real time useful information. Thus Big data can be defined as any data having 3V (Volume, Variety & […]

Interesting blog entry on how Big Data and Data Warehousing are coming together

Big Data is not making the Data Warehouse obsolete overnight. The apostles of the Data Warehouse have fought back and demonstrated that it is not always as simple as “load and go.” Although some data engineering has been eliminated or reduced, and Big Data approaches are reducing the costs of data management, data still needs […]

What is logical data warehouse?

According to Gartner Hype Cycle for Information Infrastructure, 2012, “the Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) is a new data management architecture for analytics which combines the strengths of traditional repository warehouses with alternative data management and access strategy. The LDW will form a new best practices by the end of 2015.” It has seven major components: […]