Five Hot Trends Impacting Your Decision-Making Environment and What You Need to Worry about

By | September 18, 2014

All, in today’s TDWI Webinar, Claudia Imhoff gave a talk on the five hot BI trends impacting Data Management. They are Big Data Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Self-service BI, BI Mobile Device and Cloud-based BI Solutions.

A few take-away about Big Data Analytics are:

Definition of this trend: Data sets with sizes beyond ability of commonly-used software tools to capture, integrate, manage, and process within a reasonable amount of time.

Impact: Hence the rise of Hadoop, data warehouse appliance with solid state drives or in-memory technologies and data virtualization.

One-size fits all data management is no longer viable due to the workload changes placing on the DWH architecture. Therefore we will need to

Extend DW environment to support new workloads, for example add Hadoop into the architecture that can be integrated with existing data warehouse

Need to modify data modeling and integration approaches such as include data virtualization, data blending and *data refineries

Modify data governance approaches – use different levels of governance on security, compliance, quality and retention needs

What are *data refineries? Data lakes such as Hadoop technology may need to be used as sand box and experimental areas for data refineries.

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