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Behavioral Analytics is the next generation of business intelligence

Writing an opinion piece in the CIO magazine, Den Steiner – adviser CIO explains how behavioral analytics is turning out to be the new hope for business leaders in their quest for cost – effective mechanisms to analyze business data to gain competitive advantage. Beginning how today enterprises collect extensive data in course of their […]

How machines learn?

Writing in Datanami, a news portal dedicated to Big Data news, insights and analysis, Fiona McNeill, a SAS global marketer and Dr. Hui Li,  senior staff scientist for SAS, shares light on how machines learn. Starting with examples of various enterprises using machine learning to design personalized offerings to attract customers, they then raise the important point […]

Container versus Virtual Machines – Few Basic Differences

Container technology is making rapid strides with some recent reports putting the adoption rate as high as 5x times in one year. But surprisingly not many are aware of Container technology and how exactly it is different from virtual machines. In the last decade, due to the rapid advancement in server technology the bare metal applications i.e. applications […]

Who moved my Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are making a silent march onto users mobile with space constricting for native mobile apps. Even with a worldwide download of 102,062m apps in 2016, is mobile web making a comeback? Probably yes, if you believe this story by BI Intelligence Apps and Platforms briefing. Surprisingly, the foremost reason given by users for […]


SQL Server Integration Services offers a useful tool to analyze data before you bring it into your Data Warehouse.  The Profile Task will store the analysis in an XML file, which you can view using the Data Profile Viewer.  Before we review how to use the Profile Task, let’s take a look at the eight […]


Securing your data is very important and database encryption is just part of that landscape. Taking advantage SQL Server database encryption can be a daunting task but once it is configured it is also important to monitor it. This query is intended to allow the database administrator to gain information about the status of encryption on their systems. […]

Business Intelligence Tool series – Tableau, Part – 2

Here is the part 2 of the series on Tableau BI platform. Tableau Dashboards Using Tableau, users can create interactive real time dashboards and stories. Dashboards are a combination of individual data visualizations. Tableau Dashboards have data visualization best practices built in. Users can interact with a dashboard by filtering data, drilling down on specific […]

Business Intelligence Tool series – Tableau

In this blog series we plan to feature some popular BI platforms, in the first of the two-part series we bring to you Tableau. Tableau is a visualization tool with a focus on Business Intelligence. It is built on the Visual Query Language for Data, pioneered by tableau as VizQL™. VizQL™ is a technology that […]

Comparing how security experts and non-experts stay safe online

A recent Google security research (beware: good read but VERY detailed) analyzed the differences in the security practices of “non-experts” and “experts” in the field of information security. The paper outlines the results of two surveys—one with 231 security experts, and another with 294 web-users who aren’t security experts—in which Google researchers asked both groups what […]