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By | June 10, 2015

Information graphics or infographics represents Data/Information in a visual form that helps in processing that infomation quickly and clearly however complex the data may be.

Two such Big Data infographics that caught my eye while I was going through this article – “Top Big Data Infographics From The Past Year” ( are here below.

The first one, “The who, why and how of Big Data”,(, has a representation that comes as no surprise as to who would be the largest spender for Big Data services, you guesses are right, Financial services companies followed by Software/Internet and Government, in the current year these verticals will be spending $6.4 bn and 2.8 bn respectively.

Then the third visual on the same infographic speaks about the model in which companies would “make Big Data part of their operations…”, what really interested me was the line “But none of them are led by IT”. That comes as no surprise to a few but is still surprising for many as even a year ago most (almost 40% according to one survey) of the Big Data effort were led by IT departments.

The second infographic, “How much data does the world create every year?” ( would make your mind go numb. They quote a report from Stanford Univ. which says, the whole of humanity produces around 1200 Exabytes of data every year.

Got lost, just like me, the infographic puts it in perspective in more than couple of ways, here is one.

1200 Exabytes, when broken into GBs and stored on a common device, say 16 GB iPhone 5s, would take 80.53 billion phones, that is like, placing these phones next to each other would cover 100 circles around the earth.

Simply amazing, isn’t it?

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