Are BI Dashboards only for Big Business?

By | June 10, 2015

Like me, have you always thought, to have any meaningful business intelligence dashboard your company should be moderately big (in terms of data generation)? Here is an article which argues for BI dashboards for small business, pretty effectively. “Why Small Businesses Need A Business Intelligence Dashboard” (link -

The article goes on to say BI dashboards for small business offers 5 advantages,

Greater transparency - Using a BI Dashboard would provide the owner the power of real-time information of what is working and what is not, a campaign, an offer or a banner ad. He can take corrective action instantly, cutting his losses or investing more on what’s working.

Saves time - Actionable intelligence one gets out of a BI Dashboard that too instantly is what makes it valuable, the same would have needed a person to plow for half a day. Also, the information can be  viewed dynamically.

Better results - It keeps you focused, you concentrate on the KPIs without the distraction of volumes of information that gets created by all departments.

Decreased stress - You as a business owner won’t be chasing the reports anymore, on the other hand, BI dashboards can update daily with key KPIs. With all important info at your fingertips, you are stress-free.

Increased productivity - This can be both ways, to increase your employee productivity as well as your’s, your productivity would go up as you are no longer looking for information to work with, that’s already available. Let’s say, one of the KPIs you are measuring is the response time in calling the leads, if you can show, earlier the prospect is called greater the chance of conversion, the productivity of your calling team would have increased drastically.

I leave it here, read the complete article for more details.

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