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Best 5 tips for successful BI initiative.

While trying to catch-up on what’s happening in the BI space, I ran into this wonderful article on It featured Martin Draper, technology director at a luxury retailer, he had listed his “Best 5 tips for a successful BI initiative”. Let me start with a quote which appeared in the end, “Great BI is […]

6 Ways Business Intelligence is going to change in 2017

Ralph Tkatchuk – a freelance security consultant writing in Dataconomy, a leading portal for news, events and opinion on data driven technology talks about six ways the business intelligence is going to change in 2017. Writing how decision based on data is more effective than those based on intuition, perception and assumptions, he goes along […]

Tibco Spotfire 7, what’s new?

TIBCO Spotfire® is data analytics software designed for data exploration. It enables discovery and depiction of critical insights in data that drive real value. Spotfire has been named as Visionaries in 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics platforms. Tibco Spotfire has a user base in verticals like Energy, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecom and […]

Contextual Analysis – new dimension to BI

More and more companies have started using Business Intelligence tools to answer the question “Why” things happen the way they happen, while earlier the traditional use of a BI tool was to inform what happened, is happening or will happen in the future. If BI tools can be used to answer the “Why” question it […]