Top 10 Artificial intelligence Technologies

By | January 25, 2017

Gil Press – a regular contributor for Forbes on technology, entrepreneurs and innovation writes about how the market for artificial intelligence technologies is flourishing and the top ten artificial intelligence technologies we will witness making a splash in the market.

Quoting figures from various market research agencies, Gil Press starts off by showing how artificial intelligence markets is growing and will continue to grow in the coming years, for instance he cites Narrative Science survey to tell that 38 % of all enterprises are using AI in some form or other and this reach 62% by the year 2018, or IDC estimates the AI market to grow from 8 Billion in 2016 to 47 Billion by 2022.

Artificial Intelligence, the word coined in 1955 to describe one of the disciplines of computer science todays encompasses various technologies of which some have stood the test of time and some new.

Based On Forrester‘s TechRadar Report On Artificial Intelligence, Gil Press lists out his top ten artificial intelligence technologies

  1. Natural Language Generation                                              6.Decision Management
  2. Speech Recognition                                                                  7.Deep Learning Platforms
  3. Virtual Agents                                                                             8.Biometrics
  4. Machine Learning platforms                                                9.Robotic process Automation
  5. AI Optimized Hardware                                                          10.Text Analysis & NLP

As with every technology AI too faces few obstacles for adaption along with some big benefits and according to a survey Forrester   conducted last year, some of the obstacles voiced were – No clear use case – 42%, To clear for what it can used for – 39%, No required skills – 33%, First to invest in data management systems -29%, no budget -23%, AI systems are not proven – 14%,

Forrester concludes that once enterprises overcome these obstacles they will be ready to use AI and gain from using AI in customer facing application and developing an interconnected web of enterprise intelligence.

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