Pfizer cuts project development time by 50% with Cisco Data Virtualization Suite

By | July 2, 2014

All, here is another success story from Pfizer. This post is for people who has inquired about how other company leverages DV to its benefit. Pfizer has traditionally used ETL or data replication to move data to data marts and data warehouse. It has been an increased burden on IT to maintain the quality and security of the replicated data in addition to the original source data. The typical ETL DI work requires months to complete, with resulting data often out of date. The data sheet here is shared by Pfizer, I would not hold too tight on those numbers. The point is that DV layer could help your BI agility.

Pfizer’s Research Scientists Workbench gains the following new capabilities and benefits with DV approach which fits into its SOA strategy that emphasize creating data objects for reuse:

  1. Automated data–level development, freeing developers to work on application– level development while reducing the total development time in half
  2. Drag–and–drop development environment, built-in security and automated generation of Web services, requiring fewer specialized skills
  3. SOA–compliant Web Services Description Language (used for describing the functionality offered by a web service) data services providing data in the form needed by portal developers
  4. Loosely coupled data services that are easier to maintain than ETL and data delivery scripts when changes are made to the underlying data sources or the portal
    Reusable data service assets

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