Microsoft Azure releases new competencies for Container Technology

By | July 8, 2016

At the recently concluded Docker 16 event at Seattle WA, Microsoft, which in the last couple of years has been working closely with container technology leaders like Docker and Mesosphere, demonstrated new capabilities to enhance the running and managing of containers in cloud.

Mark Russinovich – CTO, Microsoft Azure in a blog published shortly after demonstrating these new capabilities, dealt in depth on how Microsoft is spearheading innovations to container technology both in Windows and Linux ecosystems to help companies to build or scale applications at great speed irrespective of their platform. Sharing the journey of Microsoft Azure with container technology in the last one year, Mark Russinovich writes how Microsoft with its partnership with Dockers introduced Windows server containers to broadest set up of developers.

With enterprises betting big on cloud computing, containers are exploding into application development, as with this technology, one big lacunae of cloud computing namely portability owing to the proprietary nature of some public clouds are squarely addressed. With this, an application can be moved from one cloud infrastructure to another without much hassle, since container technology abstracts applications into virtual containers. The benefits in terms of cost savings and business agility the container technology delivers has encouraged 76% of 1400 global companies plan to use container technology in 2016.

Taking account of the priorities of the enterprise, Microsoft Azure has released new competencies in running and managing containers in cloud;

 Docker Datacenter to manage hybrid, container-based application spread across Azure and for the first time, Azure Stack on premise

 Operations Management Suite (OMS) managing containers across Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack on-premises.

 Preview of Azure Container Service

 SQL Server running on Linux, in a Docker container

With enterprises using container technology for complex scenarios, Microsoft is trying to entice them with its hybrid capabilities and commitment to open technology.

Want to know more? Read this blog from Mark Russinovich – container-innovation- to-the- enterprise-at- dockercon-2016/

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