An interesting Big Data Survey.

By | November 5, 2015

The Evans Data Corporation recently released Big Data & Advanced Analytics Survey 2015v2, some excerpts of the report was carried in this article by Louis Columbus that appeared in Forbes, titled “2015 Big Data Market Update“.

I’ve tried to highlight some of the findings here,

  • Industries that are in the forefront of creating BigData apps are Software & computing (18%), Finance (11.6%), Manufacturing (10.9%) and Retail (9.8%). One industry which is notable for not being there, Heatlhcare (4.6%).
  • Areas which are attracting most attention in Big Data, capturing higher volume of data than traditional databases (22.6%), analyzing unstructured data (21%), visualizing data (20.7%)
  • Top three reasons for movement to Big Data from traditional database, size in data (40.8%), complex, unstructured data (38.1%) and need for real-time data analysis (17.7%).
  • A surprising fact of the survey, 30.1% of developers involved in Big Data development are from companies with 100 or less employees.
  • Industries being targeted for Big Data development, Software & Computing industry (17.5%), Manufacturing (15.8%) and financial industry (14%).
  • Data sets Big Data developers are most commonly working on, sales and customer data (9.6%), IT-based data analysis (9.4%), informatics (8.7%) and financial transactions (8.4%).
  • Departments that most commonly use Big Data solutions in a company, Marketing (14.4%), IT (13.3%), R&D (13%), followed by Sales (12.6%).
  • Biggest problem related to Big Data developers are working on, Quality of data (19.2%), relevance of data acquired (13.5%), volume of data processed (12.6%).

The above are just a few I found interesting, for complete article click here.

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